Term 2, Week 10

Good morning Parents,

Just a quick final blog post for the term. I hope everyone has a fantastic break, wherever you may be.

We are well under way with the planning of camp.

As you are aware, we will be leaving for camp on Monday 20th of July at 9am and returning Wednesday 22nd of July between 3.15-3.30pm. There will be an email sent out in the second week of the holidays with a revised list of requirements, as there will be NO water activities in the scheduled events. We also ask that students bring a plain white t-shirt (labelled with their name) to use for a screen printing activity.

Thank you for returning your permission slips and medical forms so promptly, if you have any further queries or questions about camp please don't hesitate to email me. We are looking forward to having some fun!

School Belongings
Could you please ensure that your child returns to school with their pencil case restocked with fresh supplies and a couple more exercise books. Thanks!

You should have …

Term 2, Week 9

Hi Parents!
I hope you all had a great weekend! 
Affirmation of the Week:

1.CAMP - Camp has officially received the GREEN light to go ahead! Last week an email was sent out from Admin to all parents that included an attachment to a permission slip and medical form. I have printed out some copies for the children who have returned their forms to take home today. It would be great if they could be returned ASAP please.
2.CROSS COUNTRY Next Wednesday 1st July, the Cross Country Carnival will be taking place from approximately 9.15-11am. Presentations will be held next term when we are eventually able to hold assemblies again. Students are to wear their sports uniform with their faction polos. They will require a spare change of clothes (including shoes and socks) in case the weather is inclement. Children may bring along coloured decorations and wear coloured zinc. Parents are welcome to attend and watch. It is asked that you park in the top Naturaliste Road Car Park or the…

Term 2, Week 8

Hi there parents!

Just a quick blog this week.

CAMP 2020

Camp has been tentatively booked for the beginning of next term at Forest Edge in Waroona. Unfortunately, we still haven't received the green light from the government. With this mind, we are still going ahead with the necessary planning in hope that the government will jump onboard soon.

Your child will be bringing home a permission slip and a medication form for you to fill in and send back in to me. If these could be in by the end of the week, that would be great.

We will let you know of any more information as soon as we find out.


Congratulations to the merit award winners and star citizen winner over the past few weeks. Great job!

 Cameron Spencer
 Avalon Paterson

Jake Veitch

Madi Rogan


The students have been placed in their groups for the ‘Bear Project’. Over the next week, the groups will be in the investigating phase of the project. For more information, please visit the STEM content library o…

Term 2, Week 7

Good morning OLC!
I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the fantastic weather. Last weekend without football!
Affirmation of the Week:

2.Home Learning – Thank you to all the parents that are tracking their child’s home learning during the week and signing it ready for Friday. Please make sure that everything is completed as some Home Learning Grids are being signed, however, when I cross check, there are some activities that aren’t being completed.
3.Speak Out – The speaking and listening challenge from last term will finally begin to wrap up next week. Only 4 kids presented their speeches last term so there is a good chance that your child was not one of them. Hopefully, all that is required is a couple of practice runs before the day as they should have been completed last term. You can access the challenge and when each child will be required to present theirs via TEAMS – English Channel – Files – Speaking and Listening.

NUMERACY We will continue all the work …

Term 2, Week 5

Good morning OLC!
Wow! There are some strong winds blowing on the capes at the moment. Take care out there.
Affirmation of the Week:

CONGRATULATIONS - Well done To Jake for receiving a merit award last week.
1.LAPTOPS – An increasing number of students are needing to charge their laptops during the day. Can you please remind your child that they are required to come to school with a fully-charged laptop for the day…
2.Home Learning – The Home Learning Grid will begin this week. It is very important that you and your child sit down at the start of the week and come up with a plan as to how they will complete it for Friday. Please ensure that your child is practising the times tables. There are links for each of the different tables on TEAMS – Numeracy channel
NUMERACY The students will be tackling fractions over the next few weeks. We will be learning about fractions of a collection, comparing and ordering fractions, mixed numerals and improper fractions.
ENGLISH We will be…

Term 2, Week 4

Good morning OLC!
I hope you had a fantastic weekend, enjoying the weather and getting out and about. We are 'officially' back! I just wanted to say a big congratulations to you all for surviving the last 8 weeks and thank you for all of your support. 
Affirmation of the Week:

1.LAPTOPS – An increasing number of students are needing to charge their laptops during the day. Can you please remind your child that they are required to come to school with a fully-charged laptop for the day…
2.Home Learning – The Home Learning Grid will begin next week, however, your child will have some tasks to complete before Friday to get them back into the swing of things.
3.MERIT AWARDS - Merit Awards will begin this week and as we are not allowed to have school assemblies, Mr. Lee and Mr. Torrese will be coming around to each of the classes to present the merit awards.

The students will be investigating 2D shapes this week. They will be learning about polygons, quadrilat…

Term 2, Week 3

Good morning All,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Below you will find the links to this week's home learning schedule.






Enjoy the week!

Mr Jones